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  Huazhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. lies in the downtown district of XiangYang of the important strategic place of the northwest of Hubei Province with beautiful scenery and abundant resources, which covers an area of 370,000m2. It is a modern pharmacy enterprise that integrates medicine RD, production and sales. We have advanced equipment, complete detecting instruments, perfect QC&QA system. We are GMP, FAMIQS, HACCP, ISO9001、ISO22000 approved.

  Be the earliest VB1 manufacturer in China and the largest producer of the world, our quality match with the latest quality pharmacopoeias standards of China, U.S. , UK, EP and JP. We¨ve also developed granular series and derivation of VB1.

  Our medicinal preparation develops rapidly, and now we have nearly one hundred kinds of variety products including vitamin, antibiotic, cardiovascular and solving hot and easing pain kinds. Our production scale is up to 10 billions slices and we have enough market deliverability.

  We sincerely welcome cooperation partners and wish to develop with you and bring benefits to the society.